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Educational practice

Educational practice - it is familiarization. Its task is to show the student how the profile enterprise functions, what are the duties of specialists. This is an opportunity to see the labor process, profile specifics and other practical aspects of work.

A leader is assigned to the practice. This is a teacher from a specialized department or a specialist of an enterprise: the head of a department or an employee who took on the training of interns and trainees on the write my paper educational hired service.

What to do in practice

  • get to know the curator, senior colleagues, the atmosphere of work and communicate as much as possible about work. Most of all really interesting and relevant information will be given by the employees of the place of practice;

  • go on a tour of the organization;

  • look at the real situation of future work (as a rule, it differs from the theoretical one);

  • complete the first real task, which, if successful, will be launched.

Usually, the training practice happens at the end of the first or second course.


In industrial practice, students participate in the work, so senior students are sent there. The practice corresponds to the training profile and takes place at the enterprise. The student can look for places on their own, review those offered by the university, or practice at their job.

The main difference between internships lies precisely in the fact that the student is already perceived as a work unit, and not a student of the enterprise. At you can order a report on work or study practice, which will be completed by experienced experts! He is given assignments, he goes to practice in the working order, sometimes the production practice is paid. Research done by a student during work experience may be useful in the future for writing a term paper, a scientific article or a base for a thesis.

The purpose of the internship is to implement professional skills and solve real problems. The student not only learns to apply knowledge, but already does it on his own. The main task of the production practice is to give the trainee a field for real activity, so that he applies the qualification skills. At the end of your internship, you will need a progress report against which your performance will be judged. To learn how to write and submit a practice report, read article at the page.

What to do in an internship

  • consider the real workspace and find a place for growth (or not find and have time to change specialty);

  • contact with employers during the search for a place, managers and senior specialists;

  • find educational gaps and missing skills;

  • gain work experience and, possibly, the first entry in the work book;

  • achieve first success and prove yourself.

Types of reports

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Report on educational practice in the organization

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