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What to make a video with?

Phone. No matter how weird or ridiculous it may sound. Phones can do it all now! And some phones can take pictures and shoot video even better than some cameras and cameras. If you have a good phone, why not take a video on it and later process it in transcription online quality and inexpensive? Do not think it is wrong! Remember every video, even the worst one, is better than the one you don't make! 4) Tablet PC. This is the trendiest thing to shoot video on. Although some tablets have a photo and video function created "for show". But the iPad in this respect is all right! The tablet is also an option for taking videos. 5) If you have nothing at all, do not despair! You can rent a camcorder and camera for a day and shoot as much video as you can (so there is a big return for the money you spend). You can rent equipment at photo and video stores (but not all of them). Renting a camera costs from rubles per day. Step 2: Make a video plan. Why make a video plan? If you have stood in front of a camera at least a few times, you understand. In front of the camera, you forget everything! Sometimes even your name. You need to have a plan for further video processing. Undoubtedly the first point should be processing using transcription site further you should also prepare a plan to clearly understand what and why is going on. So you don't have to worry about forgetting everything. I advise you to write down the plan point by point: 1 point = 1 idea that you want to tell. Step 3: Get dressed and combed. This is an important step. You are the one the audience will be looking at. I hope that you're not thinking "Oh man, I wish no one would look and notice that I have a huge nose" or something else. You may not agree, because the video is necessary to convey information. But the nicer the picture, and that's what you will get if you take the subtitles - the voice from the video into the video itself - you will make it"> much more convenient for a person to watch the video and the better he perceives this information! I advise to dress in light and warm colors, and not to go overboard with bright things. Also, do not dress in purely white or purely black, because when you record video it may happen that these places on the monitor will be "black holes" and "white spots", which is not nice. RELATED RESOURCES: 5 tips for improving your typing speed & accuracy

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