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Good health brings good vibes. But do you think maintaining a healthy life is that easy in today's busy world? For all those who think it is not that easy, I am there to help you. Hi, I am Ann George and I am a Health Expert and part time blogger from Las Vegas,NV, USA. I have done my bachelor's in medical science and masters in physiotherapy.

As most of my content is related to health, I make sure all of my posts contain almost certainly the best tips on home solutions that worked absolutely fantastic on people who have undergone those health challenges.

For your reference here is a portion of my most recent online wellness blog posts


Do you know Tobacco is one of the main threats to world health today? As per the WHO (World Health Organization), "about 4.9 million individuals have died because of the habit of nicotine, and the death toll is expected to increase to 10 million every year by the 2020s." What is even more shocking is that "around 53,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed and more than 9,750 individuals die from oral cancer disease every year in the U.S."

Individuals know that smoking is awful for their health as it causes different medical issues and fatal diseases. Yet, many don't understand the harm that smoking can cause to their gums, teeth, and mouth.

Apart from regular day to day writing, I have also written well researched articles on various health topics for Allmedscare. For those who need to know what is Allmedscare? It’s an online pharmacy that serves medications to customers worldwide.

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